Media Molecule Peel Open Release Details For Tearaway

In tandem with the announcement, Media Molecule also released a trailer for their upcoming Playstation Vita exclusive Tearaway, which has been penned for an American release on October 22nd with Europe getting the game three days later on October 25th.

Following the initial reveal during Sony’s press conference at Gamescom last year, Media Molecule have kept their game under wraps so to speak, at least, until now. The developing team also showcased the game’s box art, which will feature a reversible cover allowing players to switch between Iota and Atoi who serve as Tearaway’s protagonists – hey, aren’t their names anagrams, too?

In keeping with the company’s back catalogue – Media Molecule also developed LittleBigPlanet – the game’s art style is a visual treat. The paper-like aesthetic will also double as a gameplay mechanic as players will be confronted puzzles and challenges as they explore the beautiful and tangible world. Tearaway gravitates around your character traversing the gorgeous realm with a unique message that must be delivered to a special someone.

The footage hints at some of the forms of interaction Tearaway has to offer. Inventive and downright entertaining are some of the qualities that made LittleBigPlanet such a fun game and Media Molecule’s latest looks set to echo that same legacy. Rather than shoehorning in the Vita’s touch screen capabilities, the studio has seemed to integrate the technology in such a way that it feels integral to the storyline.

Manipulating the papery landscape in order to assist your cutesy hero in their journey is an entirely new and immersive form of interaction and it’s one that I can’t wait to experiment with when the game hits retail this October. After all, who doesn’t like to catapult their in-game protagonist through the air with the swipe of a finger?

Tearaway will launch exclusively on Sony’s handheld on October 22nd (25th for Europe). What do you make of the new trailer? Does the versatile world entice you to pick up the game? Let us know!