Mediums Collide In New Trailer For Quantum Break; Due For Release in 2015

Remedy Entertainment’s third-person shooter Quantum Break has been confirmed for a 2015 release, the studio announced today.

In a brief video outlining the scope of the Xbox One exclusive, which is set to blur the line between action gameplay and cinematic experiences, the game’s creative director Sam Lake touched upon Quantum Break’s unique selling point.

“The game is about heroes. The show is about villains. In the game, you play Jack Joyce in a desperate fight to stop the fracture that threatens to cause the end of time. In the show, in the style of an edgy modern TV series, you follow the schemes and power play inside Monarch, the corporation that’s Jack’s main enemy.”

While the above footage only offers around thirty seconds of new, in-game footage, Remedy hinted that it plans to reveal a substantial chunk of the time-bending title during Microsoft’s presentation at Gamescom this coming August. In essence, though, the studio’s latest IP will alternate its means of storytelling through extended sections of gameplay and half-hour television episodes.

Whether Quantum Break can sustain an audience across two mediums successfully remains to be seen; after all, Trion World’s bold Defiance struggled to bring together the world of TV with video games in 2013, after it was criticized for its rather tepid world building. Nevertheless, Remedy’s latest could well be the title to bridge the gap between the two distinct mediums.

And hey, “time-amplified gameplay” may even join Levolution and Drivatar in the industry’s ever-growing and, quite frankly, ludicrous vocabulary.

Source: Xbox Wire