Meet The Voice Actors Of Mass Effect 3

Ever wondered what the people behind the voices of games like Mass Effect 3 look like? Well wonder no more! Today we’re gonna meet some veterans of the series and a few new faces as well.

While many actors reprise their roles, like Keith David as David Anderson, Seth Green as Joker and Martin Sheen as The Illusive Man, we see a fresh batch of people from all walks of life, like the odd choice of Freddie Prinze JR. as Vega, and gaming chick Jessica Chobot as Diana Allers.

Have a look below.

This trailer should make you think a few different things. First, Seth Green is hilariously short. Second, why is Jessica Chobot in this? She’s never done voice acting before. Third, did Martin Sheen just tease that he’s working on more Mass Effect stuff?

By the way, the combined resumes of Jennifer Hale and Keith David is probably more than the rest of the voice actors in the Mass Effect series combined. Hale has such games as the Metal Gear Solid series, Diablo III, Brutal Legend, Marvel Vs. Capcom, Metroid Prime and a ton of Star Wars games under her belt. David has had such diverse roles as Julius from Saints Row, The Arbiter from Halo, Sgt. Foley from Modern Warfare 2 and Chaos from the Dissidia: Final Fantasy games.

Insane, isn’t it?

Mass Effect 3 is out March 6.

What say you, gamers? Am I the only one that thinks Chobot’s character’s neck looks abnormally long?

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