Microsoft Announces New Xbox One SKU For UK, Includes Free Copy Of Forza Motorsport 5


While we understand that Day One editions of Microsoft’s next-gen console will come bundled with a copy of FIFA 14 in Europe, news leaked yesterday via UK retailer GAME that an Xbox One bundle including a free download code for Forza Motorsport 5 will also be available this November, too. This newly announced SKU will be offered by popular outlets such as Amazon, and will retail at the standard £429/€500.

Here’s a snapshot from Microsoft’s website, confirming the two respective bundles:


Much like the FIFA 14 package, this pre-order promotion currently applies to Day One editions of the console, which are currently sold out on GAME’s website; in fact, the retailer confirmed that pre-orders for the Xbox One bundled with the free digital copy of Forza Motorsport 5 were all taken in less than two hours. With that said, gamers who already reserved their Day One edition of the console with FIFA 14 through GAME will have the option to change to this new package, which includes Turn 10’s racing series, instead.

Nevertheless, stock allocation for the Xbox One is quickly petering out. With GAME fresh out of Forza Motorsport 5 bundles in the UK and online giant Amazon reportedly running out of the FIFA 14 package, the demand for Microsoft’s new hardware is palpable. In response to this demand, Microsoft’s vice president Yusuf Mehdi has assured consumers that the company is doing everything in its power to create additional units.

“Because of the great progress that we’ve made by moving to full production and because of the demand we’ve seen, we’ve found a way to create a few more Day One SKUs.”

Although the FIFA 14 promotional offer applies to the entire European territory, Microsoft is yet to confirm whether this latest preorder deal that includes Forza Motorsport 5 applies to countries outside of the UK. Either way, the Xbox One is locked in for a November 22nd release, and until then, be sure to tell us which SKU you favour in the comments below.