Microsoft To Boot Up A New Kinect Centred Studio

Microsoft Game Studios today pulled the curtain up for their new development studio in Vancouver. The team is still recruiting and being fully assembled, but it seems that they will be part of the driving force behind Microsoft’s effort to convince gamers that Kinect can be utilized for core games.

It has been highly amusing watching the company behind the Xbox slowly give up trying to persuade anyone that Kinect had core gaming in mind up to this point. With party titles populating the sales front at launch, people were picking up Kinect as more of a casual novelty, and feat of technological evolution, rather than a genuinely valid medium for traditional gaming.

We know it, Kinect owners know it, and Microsoft knows it. They have been promising some more plausible entries into the ‘Kinect-core-canon’ for several months now and this could be one of the projects they were talking about. What sort of stuff will come out of this studio is yet to be seen, but judging by the picture on their official website it’s gonna involve guns.

Kinect and guns? Hmmm forgive me for being sceptical at this stage – for not being too excited about the idea of pretending my hand is a firearm.  Clearly they are aiming to impress and they are aware of the challenge that lies before them, let’s just hope they can rise to the occasion and surprise us with something special.

(Courtesy of Gamasutra)