Microsoft Confirms $60 Price Point For Xbox One Games

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Proponents of Microsoft’s iron-fisted used game DRM policy for the Xbox One have often justified their support for the company’s anti-consumer scheme by theorizing that the pre-owned limits would allow next-gen games to be sold at a cheaper price structure. Speaking to GameSpot, Microsoft has now confirmed that this will not be the case and next-gen Xbox One software will use the same $60 price model first established by the Xbox 360.

Those who were hoping for a small Xbox One software price drop in exchange for giving up their ownership rights, can always take some comfort in the fact the confirmed $60 price rules out the $10 next generation increase predicted by industry analyst Michael Pachter.

The $60 price point is in line with Sony’s plans for high-end PlayStation 4 games (as announced by Jack Tretton last February) although this next-gen pricing structure has only been confirmed by Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo at this point. As is always the case, third-party publishers are free to set their own prices for their games. With that said, it is unlikely that they will exceed the prices established by first-party software.

Let us know your thoughts on the $60 price point for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 software down in the comments. Is this too much, or are you okay with next-gen software prices holding the line.