Microsoft Opens Xbox One Headquarters In Toronto

Xbox One 8 Playable Games at TGS

Microsoft has announced today that they’ve opened their Xbox One headquarters in Toronto, allowing fans to “test drive the unparalleled all-in-one gaming and entertainment system before it’s available to purchase in-store.” 

Spread out over two floors at a 5,000 sq.ft venue on Bloor street, the headquarters will be open from now until December 29th, offering gamers the chance to get their hands on titles like Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3, among others.

Being a Toronto native myself, I’ll definitely be checking the headquarters out sometime this week as I’ve already got my Xbox One pre-ordered and fully paid off. Plus, I’ve had my eye on Ryse: Son of Rome for a while now and it’s one title that I’m very eager to get my hands on.

Tell us, do you live in or near Toronto? If so, will you be visiting the Xbox One HQ?