Microsoft Teases Xbox One’s Upcoming Screenshot Functionality



One of the most-requested features that was missing out of the box for the Xbox One was the ability to screenshot your gameplay. Up until this point, Microsoft has made strides to ensure that the console boasted a robust capture option through the implementation of the Upload Studio. Now, the Redmond-based software giant has switched gears to focus on the ability to take a screen grab of the action, as teased by Microsoft’s boss Phil Spencer.

Taking to Twitter, Spencer showcased an image of the feature, which is currently in beta testing.

It’s unclear exactly when the company will debut the new-fangled feature, though it seems safe to assume that Xbox One owners will be able to start taking a screenshot of all of their pixelated accomplishments (or just plain old funny moments) at the beginning of March, given how Microsoft rolls out updates for the system itself.

In related news, the publisher recently detailed the upcoming February update for the hardware, which places a heavy emphasis on the Xbox One’s controller connection not to mention various fixes and tweaks for the TV options. In addition to this, the monthly patch will also usher in the Game Hubs feature, which has been described as a one-stop place for all social activity, industry news and DLC, not unlike the PlayStation 4’s What’s New interface.

We’ll have much more information about Xbox One‘s seemingly imminent screenshot feature over the coming weeks. For now, let us know if the ability to capture the action on screen in a still image is something you’ve been longing for.

Source: Twitter

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