Microsoft Details Xbox One’s February Update


Microsoft has detailed the first 2015 system update for Xbox One, which includes a number of new features and enhancements for the console’s controllers.

Specifically, the Redmond-based software giant confirmed that the monthly update will strengthen the connection between the hardware and its peripheral, shaving the time it takes for a controller to pair with the Xbox One down from five seconds to approximately two. In addition, Microsoft has took a lot of the feedback on board when it comes to controllers sporadically disconnecting, ensuring console owners that the February update should put this issue to bed.

But the console’s joystick isn’t the only benefactor of this latest patch, as a new-fangled feature known as Game Hubs will also be implemented in the coming days. Offering a one-stop place for all developer news, social activity, DLC and other news-related tidbits, the concept appears to be a more robust version of the PlayStation 4’s What’s New interface.

For a comprehensive list of those aforementioned updates for Xbox One, you can check out the list below as provided by Xbox Newswire.

Controller improvements:
– Quick Connect: Previously, controller connections to Xbox One took approximately four-to-five seconds when powering on a controller. Now, it will only take about two seconds.
– Stability improvements: The update also provides a number of fixes that address some of the controller disconnect issues reported by Xbox One owners.
Game hubs: To get to the game hub for your favorite game, find a game in your pins, recently played list, or My games and apps, then press the Menu button and select View game hub. You can also search for any game in the Xbox Store and click on the Game Hub tile from the game’s store page.

Party chat updates:
– Chat connection status
– Improved connectivity between multiple participants with Strict or Moderate NATs
– Game and party invitations
– Performance improvements
Custom backgrounds and tile transparency

TV updates:
– TV trending in OneGuide
– Live TV trending (new countries) – France, Germany, Brazil and Mexico
– Improved control of TVs, set-top boxes and audio/video receivers
– “Trick play” with Xbox One Digital TV Tuner – Xbox One Digital TV Tuner owners in supported countries (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) are now able to see video frames when fast-forwarding or rewinding paused TV on Xbox One consoles.
– Live TV streaming on Windows Phone and Android – Live TV streaming on Windows Phone and Android devices for Xbox One Digital TV Tuner owners has been added in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
– OneGuide for the Netherlands – Support for OneGuide is being added for Xbox Live members in the Netherlands.

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