Mighty No. 9 Development Finally Pulls To A Close, Platformer Slated For June Release


It’s official: Mighty No. 9 is on course to release across North America and Asia on June 21.

First crowdfunded back in 2013, Comcept’s spiritual successor to Mega Man is emerging from a prolonged and troubled development, during which time the platformer was hit with multiple delays and a barrage of apprehension from those who backed Keiji Inafune’s vision from the beginning.

But with a firm finish line now in sight – the esteemed Japanese developer ensures there won’t be any further delays this time – Inafune took to Comcept’s website to lock down launch plans, all the while thanking those who supported Mighty No. 9 all across its extended development window.

“This is a project where everyone’s passions were combined in order to create something very special, and we are looking forward to delivering the final product to everyone who was involved,” Inafune wrote in an update on the game’s official site. “There can be no stronger connection between game creators and game fans.”

One caveat to those launch plans, however, is in relation to the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS versions of Mighty No. 9, which will launch “at a later date” across both handheld devices.

Expected to make a beeline to Mac, Linux, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Mighty No. 9 will finally make its debut for those in North America and Asia on June 21, before expanding to a worldwide release on June 24. Deep Silver, the publisher behind Dead Island and Dying Light, is handling distribution of the console versions.