Minecraft Dev Teases Release Date For Collectible Card Game Scrolls


Amid the cacophony of the acquisition by Microsoft back in September, a small section of Mojang was hard at work on Scrolls — a collectible card game that may release before the end of November.

Having been in development for three years at the Stockholm-based studio, Scrolls is currently in a open beta state, and the studio hopes to usher the title into a full release sooner rather than later.

Speaking to Touch Arcade, Mojang’s Owen Hill touched upon the release date briefly, before underlining that the studio won’t set anything in stone until they are 100% certain that the game is finished.

“The guesstimate is late November, but we’re not going to release it until it’s ready, if you know what I mean.

“Final release just means we’re taking it out of beta, but we want to continue development after that,” artist Henrik Pettersson added.

Following feedback from the community, the company also reduced the asking price for Scrolls on tablet devices, reducing the turn-based title from $20 to $5 in order to sharpen its competitive edge. Those who then purchase the game on iOS will be permitted to play Scrolls for free as a dummy user, before unlocking all of the content for $5.

Undoubtedly, Scrolls is in an interesting position. Not only is the tactical card game Mojang’s first title since Minecraft, but this will also be the studio’s maiden release under the ownership of parent company Microsoft — though it appears as though the latter caveat will have little to no effect on the final build.

“There’s a good chance that the only effect is that we’ll have to add a Microsoft logo to the launcher or something,” Hill stated.

According to Mojang, Scrolls will release across PC, Mac and iOS simultaneously in late November. Until then, you can let us know whether you’re excited for the studio’s first post-Minecraft release in the comments below.