Minecraft’s Inevitable Nintendo Switch Version Is Now Available To Download Via Eshop


Mojang’s definitive sandbox world Minecraft is now available to download for Switch owners in North America, Nintendo has announced. If you somehow don’t already own at least one copy of the game – or even if you do – you can now grab it directly from the eShop for $29.99 and play it to your heart’s content on the Big N’s hybrid console. By now, it’s probably easier to name the devices on which Minecraft isn’t available, but this latest version could very well be its best one yet.

The virtual creators’ paradise is already well established on mobile platforms, but unlike those slimmed down versions, Minecraft on Switch boasts the whole package as well as providing a terrific mobile gaming experience. That, of course, includes the main draw: randomly generated worlds where the only limits are your imagination, but both Creative and Survival Modes are an excellent way to pass the time on your daily commute, the former of which provides unlimited resources to satiate your grand ambitions.

It’s worth noting, too, that the Switch edition features four-player split screen co-op as well as eight players online, with a handful of add-on packs included for good measure. The Super Mario Mash-Up Pack, originally released for the Wii U version last year, is the undisputed headliner, which provides more Mario-themed character skins, environments and crafting items than you can shake a stick at.

If you’ve always wanted to see what the Mushroom Kingdom and its inhabitants would look like in block form, divert your eyes to the informative trailer above. Enjoy!

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