Two Modern Warfare 3 Screens Explode Onto The Internet

Instead of releasing tons of Modern Warfare 3 content all at once, Activision has seemingly decided to let us see sparse amounts of it at different times. They today released two new screenshots for the much-anticipated first-person shooter, giving us a bit to whet our appetite with. Of course, the main goal is to pique the gaming public’s collective curiosity and they’ve certainly achieved that.

One screen gives us a look at an intense naval battle, while the other simply shows off a man with a gun wearing a wetsuit. From looking at them, it’s safe to say that water will play a big part in this game, especially considering its presence in the game’s first trailer.

The best of these screens is certainly the naval warfare one, though they leave a lot to be desired as a collection and likely, we’ll see more soon.

Hopefully Modern Warfare 3 will hit one out of the park when it’s released on November 8.

Take a look at the screens below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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