Destiny’s Moments Of Triumph Event Returns For A Second Year


Destiny‘s second year will come to an end this September when the game’s Rise of Iron expansion launches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and to commemorate the online shooter’s continued success and the impending arrival of Year Three, Bungie has rolled out their Moments of Triumph event for a second time to celebrate.

The post on Bungie‘s website reads:

Ever since we issued the first invitation to play Destiny, we’ve been challenging the Guardians to become legend. But what does that mean? Where do we set the bar for the elite members of this brave community? Last year, we answered those questions when we unveiled Moments of Triumph, a gauntlet of impressive feats of daring and skill. For those Guardians who could meet the challenge, there were rewards to define their status as one of the most dangerous warriors in the Tower. This year, we’re also tracking your progress toward immortality in the game.

To get started, players can visit the Postmaster at either of The Tower or Reef social hubs to pick up their Year Two Moments of Triumph log book and get to work on ticking off each task adorning its pages. For every two tasks you complete, you’ll be rewarded in-game with the likes of exclusive shaders and emblems to proudly display on your profile and Guardian.

If you manage to complete every single task before the closing date of September 20 (Rise of Iron‘s release date), an extra reward in the form of a special commemorative t-shirt is yours to own.

For the full details of Destiny‘s Moments of Triumph event, head through here to the official announcement page.