MonkeyPaw Games Releases Vanguard Bandits On PSN

MonkeyPaw Games has come out with a press release concerning their newest title, Vanguard Bandits, a game about giant robot bandits. The game is a PSX classic that we’re glad is coming to the PS3’s virtual PSX console thing that they do (it’s really complicated). It’ll be a nice addition to the list of PSX games found in the store and I personally am pretty excited for it.

For anyone who doesn’t know what Vanguard Bandits is, perhaps the below statement may be of use to you.

Vanguard Bandits ATAC’s Its Way Onto The PlayStation®Network in the PSone® Classics Section
Today we’re excited to announce yet another PSone® classic from the RPG vault. Together with our friends at GaijinWorks, we give you Vanguard Bandits.  Vanguard Banditswas originally released in glorious box form from famed publisher Working Designs.  Created by Human Software and released in 1998 in Japan, the game captivated users with its tactical combat and support-centric strategy role-playing. The game is set in a medieval fantasy world, where armored mecha are controlled by the residing pilots who can maneuver on an isometric grid of squares.  3D battle animations take place over the grid, while cut scenes play out the story.  The character list, location variety and event schedule add up to an incredible amount of intense gameplay and longevity spread over three story branches and five different endings.Download Vanguard Bandits today for $9.99. MonkeyPaw Games will also offer a license for a free digital Vanguard Bandits strategy guide download from our website to help you through this enormous world. You’ll need it.  It’s a large world indeed. Please let us know what you think about the game and state your preferences as to the games you’d like to see MonkeyPaw Games bring you in the future.  We’ll do our best to bring those Japanese gems.