It’ll Be Another Month Before Outlast Gets Its Whistleblower DLC


Those who’ve been looking forward to discovering the story of Outlast‘s Whistleblower will have to wait a bit longer. Red Barrels announced the delay today through an update on the game’s previously-detailed DLC expansion, which will apparently contain both a prequel storyline and an all-encompassing conclusion.

Instead of releasing during this month of April, as was previously announced, the story of software engineer Waylon Park — who sounded the alarm on his employers at Mount Massive Asylum, leading to the journalistic investigation that served as the creepy horror game’s main plot line — will instead be released in May. North American PC and PS4 users will be able to download it on May 6, while those residing in Europe will have to wait an extra day.

If you’ve yet to play Outlast, you’re certainly missing out. The incredibly creepy and tension-filled game, which debuted on PS4 earlier this year as a free PlayStation Plus title, is something all horror fans should experience at least once. Whistleblower should be more of the same, which has us quite excited for its release.