Outlast Will Introduce Its Whistleblower In April


If you’ve spent time exploring the dark, decrepit and spectacularly eerie hallways, rooms and crawlspaces of Mount Massive Asylum in Red Barrels’ Outlast, then you’re surely aware of the survival horror title’s premise. However, if that’s not the case, I’ll give you a quick refresher by telling you that its campaign stars one Miles Upshur — an investigative and very daring reporter — who is led to the dark and secret-ridden mental hospital through an e-mailed tip. That tip was unsurprisingly sent by an insider, who will be outed and characterized in the game’s Whistleblower DLC this April.

What we’ve learned from Red Barrels, is that the aforementioned source is named Waylon Park. Mr. Park, who is the star of the noted add-on — which will not only act as a prequel story that sets up the events of the main game, but will also loop around and conclude the institution’s tale — is employed as a software engineer for the building’s parent company, the Murkoff Corporation. It’s pretty obvious as to why he felt the need to send out the e-mail that started it all, but we’ll find out more about his experiences this spring.

Outlast‘s Whistleblower add-on will be released onto both Windows PC and Sony’s PlayStation 4 at the same time. You can see a rather bloody (and not safe for work) screenshot from it below.

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