Mortal Kombat 11 Halloween Event Adds New Boss Fights, Brutalities And More


As if Mortal Kombat 11‘s limb-rending, blood-soaked combat wasn’t already gruesome enough, it’s poised to get even more macabre.

Starting next week, the seasoned fighting game franchise will celebrate Halloween with a brand new limited-time event and a wealth of suitably-themed rewards. Free to all players from October 25th will be a series of four exclusive boss battles with some of the series’ toughest opponents, this time with a twist in the form of spooktastic match modifiers. Flying witches, ominous black cats, gravestones and, of course, falling pumpkins are just some of the delights fans can expect to contend with in each brawl and, should you succeed, some juicy rewards are yours for the taking.

New Brutalities, Halloween-specific consumable items and other in-game rewards round out the prize pool, all of which can be earned via gameplay. Those eager to dress-up their favourite characters for the occasion, on the other hand, can do so by picking up MK11‘s Masquerade Skin Pack. The bundle is available to purchase now for $5.99 and contains new outfits for Jade, Kabal and Liu Kang.

Check them out below:

Last but by no means least, an additional free title update scheduled to live tomorrow, October 18th, introduces Team Raid multiplayer mode, allowing up to three players the chance to join forces and complete a series of group challenges culminating in a tough-as-nails boss fight.

And that’s a wrap. Mortal Kombat 11 fans are going to be spoilt for choice this Halloween, it seems, and there’s plenty more content still to come. Joining recently released DLC character Terminator over the next few months will be two further guest characters, Spawn and Batman’s nemesis, Joker. It’s still early days yet, but NetherRealm looks to have done a terrific job of adapting both stars for its pedigree fighting game series. See here for further details.

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