Mortal Kombat 11 Reveals Brutal New Fatality For DLC Character Sindel

Mortal Kombat

Still digesting your latest meal? Do yourself a favor and let your stomach settle before checking out the newest trailer for Mortal Kombat 11.

The fourth of six DLC characters currently planned for NetherRealm Studios’ blood-soaked brawler, former Edenian Queen Sindel was first announced alongside the likes of Shang Tsung and Nightwolf earlier this year. Last week, the developer unleashed the first gameplay for the seasoned fighter to celebrate her impending release showcasing an entirely revamped move set as well as a number of neat new abilities.

As with previous appearances, the undead monarch retains her iconic silver locks and shrill screams as a primary means of offence and can even call on an ethereal spirit for combat support mid-battle. Sindel fans can be rest assured, then, that the MK mainstay will be immediately familiar when she finally enters early access on November 26th, but how well do the character’s match-ending Fatalities stack up?

Well, we’ll let you decide that one for yourselves. Check out the brutal finisher below, courtesy of series director Ed Boon.

Can any number of superlatives accurately describe what your eyes have just seen? I think not.

We might have a few days to wait, as yet, to truly reach a conclusion on Sindel’s overall quality, but NetherRealm has undoubtedly outdone itself yet again in regards to stomach-clenching gore. How it plans to up the ante from here is anyone’s guess, however, and with two more DLC characters still waiting in the wings to join the fun, it’ll have to pull out all the stops. It can’t afford to disappoint, either, especially as both remaining Kombat Pass contenders are none other than guest characters Joker and Spawn.

Thankfully, Boon has already gone on record to reassure fans that the Clown Prince of Gotham will be unashamedly savage in the arena, so expect something even more graphic than the above, if that’s even possible.

Mortal Kombat 11‘s Joker and Spawn DLC are scheduled for release on January 28th and March 17th respectively.