Mortal Kombat’s Best Fatalities

The new and improved Mortal Kombatwas released yesterday and by now most people who picked it up are beating the hell out of each other either online or together at a friend’s house. All the Street Fighter fans may not care for their blood soaked series rival, but they sure are jealous of the infamous fatalities that populate the new game in gory high-definition detail.

Mortal Kombat has tons of memorably horrific fatalities from previous installments, but the revamped version is the icing on the cake that all fans have been waiting for. For those who don’t own they game or if you are just interested in seeing terrible acts of video game violence, here are the new game’s most inventive and excruciating fatalities.

Kung Lao’s Buzzsaw

Yes, this fatality was already used in Shaolin Monks, but who played that game anyway? Look at this fatality as an upgrade, complete with updated graphics that really display the horror and brutality of being sawed in half. The squirming your victim does as you drag them closer to the spinning hat is priceless. You can’t watch this one and not laugh.

Baraka’s Helicopter

The design of Baraka makes for some obvious slicing and dicing fatalities, but he really goes to creative measure cutting up opponents in the new MK. It’s actually an impressively quick way of removing someone’s limbs, as well as massively vicious.

Kabal’s Skewer

Kabal has always been a fan favorite, but his fatalities haven’t always been all that memorable. Things have changed with his new appearance, a ruthless slice of his opponent’s stomach isn’t enough. Kabal leaves his two blades in the ground to skewer his falling enemy, complete with intestines gushing out. A slow and painful death indeed.

Kano’s Head Transplant

Kano was never a doctor to begin with so when he tries performing the difficult task of replacing the heart with a human head, it’s safe to say that health care won’t be enough for recovery. Still, Kano is thoroughly impressed with himself while holding that heart up in the air, thinking he did a great job.

Stryker’s Police Brutatlity

The appeal of Stryker is how random he is in the MK universe. A riot cop, really? That makes his fatality so funny, and kind of appalling. He doesn’t even put his taser away before he headshots his opponent in realistic fashion. The best part is him firing the gun in the air for no reason after wards.

Sektor’s Scarecrow

Sektor actually has another great fatality where he fires multiple rockets to rip his enemy piece to piece, literally. But his best involves him launching a device onto his confused foe, only to have it explode open seconds later. It’s almost ingenious once you see what it turns the victim into. Definitely one of the most creative fatalities in the game.

Noob’s Tug of War

This one is simple in nature but the audio involved is spectacular.  The bones popping and skin tearing is agonizing to listen to and just sounds horrific enough. Noob and his clone both pull the body three full times before they finally rip it in half, making the image of someone being torn apart meticulous in detail.

Ermac’s Curb Stomp

Ermac delivers the most imaginative fatality in the game, shrinking his opponent to miniature size and letting them run around in horror, before stomping on them like an ant. The pint-sized screams make it even more worthwhile.

Mileena’s Romantic Kiss

For the female side of thinks in MK, Mileena walks away with the best, and somewhat, most deranged fatality. Impaling her opponent and ripping their head off isn’t enough for her, she has to eat the face off of the mutilated corpse too. Even in a Mortal Kombat game, that’s a bit excessive. Mileena sure does think she’s sexy though, with her alluring stroll in front of her victim, too bad her teeth need work or she’d be a bombshell.

Scorpion’s Trip Through Hell

Yes Sub-Zero does another spine rip in this game, but it’s not as repulsive as it was a decade ago. Scorpion however has found a new way to use his favorite weapon for maximum damage. After wrapping his chained spear around his enemy’s neck, he creates a portal to hell and kicks his victim into it. Seconds later another portal opens above him where the other end of the chain drops down with the charred skeleton of his hanging foe. Now that’s thinking on your feet, bravo Scorpion.

That only scratches the surface when it comes to the new fatalities in Mortal Kombat, there are plenty more bloody displays of pain to witness from other characters. Kratos has neat tricks for the lucky PS3 owners to utilize, and Raiden as usual, makes electricity a source of carnage. There are also underwhelming but satisfying stage fatalities that deliver the goods too. For the first time in the series, the Babalities are actually hilarious and fun to watch. You could do another whole list on which are the best. Here’s one of the funniest, because a baby with a gun is always a treat. Comment below on your favorites. And make sure to check out our Mortal Kombat review.