Multiplayer Beta For Fable Legends Launching Fall 2014


Microsoft has confirmed that a multiplayer beta for Lionhead Studio’s forthcoming cooperative title, Fable Legends, will go live this fall.

Taking to the stage at Microsoft’s E3 press conference this morning, Lionhead Studios’ game director, David Eckelberry, outlined the multiplayer aspects of the game, which will stretch across Xbox One and tablet devices through SmartGlass integration.

In many ways, Fable Legends represents a break away from series tradition, as it will be the first entry into the franchise to feature four player co-op. Not only that, the studio’s co-operative infused title will also allow a fifth character to take on a villainous role by manipulating the environment to cause in-game havoc.

That aforementioned quarter encompasses a strength-based prince, an agile archer, a female warrior class and of course, the wizard. In terms of canon, the game will take place a full 400 years prior to the events of the first Fable, and Lionhead confirmed plans to support Fable Legends with additional content in the years to come.

Fable Legends is scheduled to launch exclusively for Xbox One before the end of 2014.