Music-Based RPG Omega Quintet Comes To North America In 2015

omega quintet 01

Idea Factory International has announced that they will be bringing their Idol-themed RPG, Omega Quintet, to North America and Europe in Spring 2015. The title, which hit Japan back in October, will be available in both physical and digital format.

Taking place in a world covered in darkness, Omega Quintet places gamers into the shoes of the music group known as the Verse Maidens. Together, the quintet, along with their manager, will use their layered harmonies and unique dance moves in order to rid the world of this evil. However, the group may soon realize that this evil is perhaps greater than they ever imagined.

Since this is an idol game, players can look forward to dressing up the quintet in the outfit of their choosing. However, failure to defend yourself during battle will lead to the idols losing their clothes from built up damage. I would say this aspect of the title surprises me, but having played enough JRPGs in my lifetime, I would actually be surprised if someone didn’t lose their clothes.

In addition to the main campaign, players will also be able to create unique performances for the Verse Maidens. You can then share them with your friends, and if you’re really feeling brave, insert yourself into it by using the PlayStation 4 Camera.

We will continue to have coverage of Omega Quintet in the lead-up to its release in Spring 2015, so stay tuned!