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A mysterious new title in a much-missed video game horror franchise has been officially rated

You promised you'd take me there again some day but you never did. Well, I'm alone there now in our special place. Waiting for you.

Silent Hills
Image via Konami Games

It’s been eight long years since the last signs of life from iconic video game horror franchise Silent Hill. In our restless dreams we’ve seen that town, though, and it looks like we may be returning there soon. After years of rumors that Konami was resurrecting the series, we now have our first concrete evidence (via Gematsu) that something new is actually coming, as the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea has just rated something called Silent Hill: The Short Message.

The publisher is named as UNIANI, who also published Konami’s eFootball in Korea, though that’s it for what we know about this new title. “The Short Message” doesn’t sound like a particularly expansive experience, and we have no idea whether this is a demo for home consoles, a phone app, or something else entirely.

Pyramid Head - Silent Hill
Image via Konami/Behaviour Interactive

However, there have long been rumors that a new Silent Hill title will attempt to break boundaries in horror by contacting the player directly via their phone with messages from in-game characters, so perhaps “The Short Message” may be some kind of phone-based teaser for a new game?

Whatever the case, any new developments in Silent Hill are worthy of celebration. Over the last decade, Capcom’s rival Resident Evil series has gone from strength to strength while Silent Hill has languished in obscurity. If this news is what it appears to be, then perhaps it’s time for Konami to once again show everyone just how terrifying a video game can be.

If Silent Hill: The Short Message has been officially rated then let’s hope we get an official announcement very soon.

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