Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: We Pitch Horror Video Games We’d Love To Play!


Remy and I are ungrateful – we know this. There are plenty of killer horror video games out there, yet we’re always thinking about what we don’t have. What can be done better? What’s missing? What sucks? Complain, complain, complain, right? Can’t we just appreciate titles like Left 4 Dead and Dead Island for what they are, play them gleefully, and move on? Either that, or put our money where our mouths are and create a game that encompasses what we’re missing.

Ha, never challenge a writer, because they’ll call you down in a heartbeat.

Putting our ideas to paper, Remy and I each came up with a horror video game we’d love to see created, and of course are awaiting emails from studios to license our ideas (someone please make us rich quick!). No, but seriously, if we could create our own horror video games, these would be our blueprints. Remy went way outside the box on this one (which everyone should expect by now), while I decided to pay tribute to slasher icons who’ve only seen success on platforms like Atari and NES, while simultaneously giving a cult comic legend her due. It’s time for the likes of Jason and Leatherface to have a 21st century animated makeover, no?

Alright potential backers, time to take a look at our ideas and tell us how much you love them by throwing blank checks our way! Read on to dive into Remy’s brainchild first…