Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: We Pitch Horror Video Games We’d Love To Play!

Remy – Psychosis, The Game

The Idea:


Imagine a game that could, literally, make you go insane. A game that works with psychologists and specialists to figure out what it is like to be insane or schizophrenic, and then pushes that upon the gamer.

A game SO DARK and twisted, you would need to, I kid you not, sign a waiver if you bought it, much in the same way someone who sky dives must sign one before each dive. A game that very much works like an old Lovecraft novel, though instead of running through levels blasting monsters, you are running through your daily life, seeing regular people as monsters, and doing all you can to NOT give in and snap. Take the mindfuckery of Eternal Darkness and up it about ten notches, with the atmosphere of Silent Hill (2, specifically) and an electronic, ambient soundtrack by Aphex Twin, and you have an idea.

The Hook:


The real catch here is that when you buy the game, you HAVE TO be willing to go all in. This is a multimedia experience, and one that is REALLY meant to unsettle, so part of buying the game would be giving your cell phone number, location, and email. What this would do is make the game a multi-sensory assault. While playing the game your cellphone starts glitching and up pops pictures of dead people. You get an email in REAL LIFE from an in-game character you killed, showing you snapshots of his family, and how he was just a normal guy that you THOUGHT was a demon. Your location works itself into places in the game, with street names and landmarks being changed depending on where you are playing the game from.

Over time, these elements carry over from the game into the real world so much, the gamer thinks they are going insane.