Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Moments In Horror Gaming That Made Us Pee A Little


While horror movies are something Matt and I obviously adore for a multitude of reasons, we would be fools not to take a moment and give some props to some of the great horror games that have come out in the last decade. While horror films are fun, they are passive experiences, which leads us to feel safe, no matter what is happening. A horror game, on the other hand, strips that safety away and places us INTO the moments of extreme horror, showing us just how we would react to such scenarios. It’s a wholly encompassing way to experience a medium, especially one as visceral as horror.

With that said, here, for your reading pleasure, are six horror gaming moments that scared the absolute shit out of Matt and I. Be sure to make us feel a little better about showing what wimps we are and take to the comments to let us know what horror games made YOU pee just a tiny bit in to your pants.

Or a lot.