Naughty Dog Details Unused Ending Scene From The Last Of Us

The Last of Us

To celebrate the arrival of their magnum opus on PlayStation 4, Naughty Dog held a live theatrical performance for The Last of Us in Santa Monica on Monday night, which included readings of key scenes from the game along with other interesting tidbits.

During the event, the studio’s Neil Druckmann directed Troy Baker and Ashleigh Johnson — who voice Joel and Ellie, respectively — through the critically adorned post-apocalyptic tale. However, the stage production also included an unused scene from the game; an epilogue that takes place a full four years after the original conclusion.

And while Druckmann stated that the footage shown will never be publicly released, a NeoGaf thread has detailed the scene play by play. According to one attendee, the alternate ending sees Joel and Ellie in the remnants of Tommy’s Dam, where Joel is now dating a woman named Esther from the camp and Ellie is being her usual quirky self.

In addition, Joel is also trying to coach Ellie on playing the guitar, with the indication that our weathered protagonist began penning the song for his daughter Sarah before passing it on to Ellie. The scene then fades to black as Ellie strums a single note on the instrument. Evidently, this unreleased ending concludes the narrative in a slightly happier beat.

If you weren’t one of the fortunate few to attend The Last of Us Live: One Night Only, the event is available to watch on YouTube sans the aforementioned scene. The Last of Us: Remastered is out today, July 29th, in North America and will be available in the UK on August 1st.

Source: NeoGaf