Naughty Dog Releases New Screens For The Last Of Us Remastered, Future DLC Also Teased

The Last of Us: Remastered

The Last of Us: Remastered

Almost thirteen months since it was originally released on PS3, Naughty Dog has begun releasing revamped images and details for The Last of Us Remastered on PlayStation 4.

By transitioning from one console generation to the next, the studio has harnessed the horsepower of the PS4 to render the critically-adorned title in 1080p. Moreover, while the PS4 iteration runs at 60 frames-per-second by default, players will also have the option to lock the frame rate at 30fps for a smoother, more consistent experience.

Additionally, the DualShock 4’s interactive touchpad can be used to access Joel’s backpack for crafting and gleaning over collectibles, while the controller’s speaker has been programmed to project audio diaries found in the ruins of the post-apocalyptic environment.

In tandem with the announcement, the studio also hinted that “additional add-on releases” are planned for later this year. And though many would like to see a new chapter in either Joel or Ellie’s respective stories, we assume that this future DLC will be multiplayer-focused. That said, players won’t be able to carry their saved files across from PS3, with Naughty Dog offering a supply point bonus as compensation.

Elsewhere, The Last of Us Remastered will also contain an in-game Photo Mode similar to the one found in Sucker Punch’s inFamous: Second Son from earlier this year, meaning players can break character as either Joel or Ellie for a sneaky selfie.

The Last of Us Remastered has been confirmed for release on July 29th for PlayStation 4 and, in the meantime, you can cast your eyes over this recently-released batch of screenshots of the anticipated rerelease.