The Near-Final Version Of Final Fantasy XV Will Be Revealed In March



Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata has told Japan’s Famitsu Magazine that the gaming public will soon get to see the ‘real’ version of the game – whatever that means. We can only assume that Tabata means that the near-final version of the long-gestating JRPG will be shown off for the first time at the game’s release date announcement event in March.

Tabata certainly seems confident in delivering on the promised 2016 release too, as he said the following:

“This year is the year we’ll release Final Fantasy XV. Currently, we’ve decided on all of its specifications and the beta version is under production so we can shift into the debug phase. We’ll show the real XV during the release date announcement this March.”

What exactly Square Enix are going to be showing off in terms of gameplay remains to be seen, but we’re hoping that some new locations, game systems and perhaps even some new summons will be let out of their cages. We’ve already been left gob-smacked by the Lord Of Levin’s – Ramuh – secret reveal in the Episode Duscae demo, so here’s hoping we’ll get to see Ifrit or perhaps even Bahamut.

Whatever happens in March, you can be sure to get a whole bunch of news from the horse’s mouth itself.

Final Fantasy XV hits Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2016.

Source: VideoGamer

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