Need For Speed Drifts Onto PC Next Month, 4K Support And Unlocked Framrate Included


Community events and the recent addition of a photo editor are a testimony to Ghost Games’ post-launch support for Need for Speed, though soon the developer will be shifting gears to launch the racer’s long-awaited PC version.

Now set for release on March 17, today’s new sizzle reel also confirms that the port will include 4K support and the unlockable framerate – a sought-after feature that was in many ways one of the core reasons for the prolonged release window. In addition, there’s also word of controller support for Fanatec, Logitech and Thrustmaster peripherals, meaning you can connect your own steering wheel to heighten the experience should you so please.

Come next month, the PC version will bundle in the recently announced Manuel Transmission update, a trinket that may be more associated with racing simulators than an arcade-style title in the vein of Need for Speed, but it was welcomed by the community with open arms nonetheless.

Finally, Ghost Games and EA note that those who are members of the Access program can get behind the wheel of the PC version a week early on March 10, while the BMW M3 E46 is up for grabs as a starter car should you pre-order the upcoming port.

Comprising both the Icons and Legends along with all of the technical tweaks and updates since launch, Need for Speed will race onto PC come March 17. The Showcase update, on the other hand, will hit the soon-to-be-released port in June.