NES Gem Duck Hunt On Its Way To Wii U Virtual Console Via Super Smash Bros. Cameo


Nintendo’s bulging eShop is set to add yet another revered classic to its vault of beloved titles as the company confirmed that goofy shooter Duck Hunt is on its way to the Wii U Virtual Console.

Announced during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct presentation, the 1987 NES original will be available to purchase soon on the digital storefront, though it isn’t clear exactly when it will be released.

Nonetheless, the publisher noted that controls will be remapped to the Wii Remote to facilitate the pointing and shooting, but it’s unknown if this will be the only input method in the Duck Hunt re-release.

Fans of the lightgun shooter won’t have to wait too long until they can take a trip down memory lane, however, as Nintendo also confirmed that Duck Hunt Dog will join Super Smash Bros. Wii U’s gigantic roster as an unlockable character, meaning you can take a peak at the 1987 original once you add the canine companion to your roster.

There’s no word yet on when Duck Hunt will be released on the Wii U’s Virtual Store, but we’ll keep you updated as we learn more. Until then, let us know what you make of the NES re-release and indeed the Super Smash Bros. cameo in the comments section below.