Neversoft Now Drafted Into Activision’s Call of Duty Squad

Neversoft are no strangers to handling some of Activision‘s biggest IPs, but it now appears that they will be making a departure from the boards of Tony Hawk and the plastic peripherals of Guitar Hero. It seems that Call of Duty needed even more reinforcements, and Neversoft have been recruited.

Now featuring a splash screen showing the various stages of game development, the Neversoft website clearly indicates this new direction for the team. Joining Infinity WardTreyarchRaven Software and Sledgehammer Games, it will be interesting to see what they will bring to this established, arguably somewhat stagnant franchise.

Perhaps this is what it takes to maintain a yearly AAA franchise, but Activision seem to be taking the strength in numbers mentality to its most extreme conclusion by incorporating as many of their development teams under the banner of Call of Duty as possible. Still, I’ll be interested to see what comes of this, and I know that Neversoft have had an itchy trigger finger for quite some time now.

Source: Joystiq