New Features Galore In Latest Animal Crossing: New Leaf Update, Amiibo Support Finally Added


As per yesterday’s Nintendo Direct presentation for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Nintendo has delivered on its promise to introduce new content for the 3DS’ life simulation title, including the long-awaited arrival of amiibo functionality.

The new features, which are all available now as part of a free update for existing owners of the base game, largely focus on amiibo compatibility, but even if you’re not an avid collector of those popular figures, there’s still enough on offer to warrant a return to your own personal town.

To get started, you’ll want to seek out new character Wisp, a ghostly genie who will grant you a single wish per day when tapping your screen with any compatible amiibo. Daily gifts and new visitors to your humble town are just some of the rewards you can cross your fingers for.

A brand new area – the RV campground – has been opened for business too, which is home to any animals that you invite to visit. Besides being able to “stop by for a chat” with the holidaymakers, you’ll have the chance to trade with each one. If you’re lucky, they’ll even set up shop permanently.

Not all wares on offer by visitors can be purchased with Bells, however. Some items can only be obtained with new ‘MEOW’ coupons, which can be earned though helping out around town.

Minigames, micromanagement improvements and more storage space round out the rest of the improvements, including new Touch Screen functionality that enables the placing, movement and rotation of each individual furniture piece in your home to arrange everything “just the way you want it.”

There’s still more that we’ve not touched on here, but you can head over to the Nintendo’s official website to learn more.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf‘s new features are available now as a free update. Alternatively, a new retail edition containing the base game and all of the above will be available November 25.