New Gran Turismo 6 Trailers Showcase Impressive Graphics

gran turismo 6 (3)

In anticipation of its upcoming December 6th release, Polyphony Digital has released two new trailers for Gran Turismo 6 that showcase the impressive graphical work being done.

Both trailers can be viewed below:

Outside of the weird alternative rock playing in the GT6 Concept Movie #6, both trailers are incredibly well done. While I have never been the biggest fan of the franchise, there is no denying that Gran Turismo 6 looks pretty damn impressive. The title seems like it’s pushing the PlayStation 3 to the absolute limit, and some may say that it looks on par with next-gen releases such as Forza Motorsport 5 – although I personally wouldn’t claim that because I wouldn’t want to incite a flame war or anything.

With this current console generation winding down, it can be argued that Gran Turismo 6 is the biggest title left for release. Sure, there’s still the likes of Dark Souls II, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and South Park: The Stick of Truth, but GT is a top tier franchise to me and I feel that separates it from the pack. The fact that it’s an exclusive for the PlayStation 3 only makes it that much more important to the system.

We will have continued coverage of Gran Turismo 6 in the lead up to its release on December 6th. For now though, tell us, did these trailers do anything to help sway you into possibly purchasing the racing title? Let us know in the comment section below.