New Resident Evil 2 Mod Adds Pokémon Into The Game


Back in October 2013, we got some test footage that showed a facially mo-capped Pikachu in a detective hat that spoke Japanese. Understandably, a lot of people weren’t sure what to make of this strange clip. But now? Well, we’re about to see Detective Pikachu hit theaters and it’s looking to lead the charge for a media juggernaut that may well spawn its own Pokémon Cinematic Universe.

It’s also set to feature more of those loveable creatures than you can shake a Pokéball at, and one of the Pokémon who we know we’ll definitely be seeing is Lickitung, as a previous trailer has already given us our first look at him. But it seems that Detective Pikachu isn’t the only place you can find Lickitung these days, as he’s also now been thrown into Resident Evil 2 via a clever mod that you can check out in the Tweet down below.

Clearly, the Generation One classic isn’t supposed to be showing up in 2019’s hottest horror title, but this mod should still put a smile on the faces of fans of both franchises. Not to mention that Lickitung actually looks pretty scary here and might just rival some of Resident Evil 2‘s more terrifying foes. Not Mr. X though – no one beats the Tyrant.

From what we can tell, it doesn’t look like this mod is available to download anywhere, but for those who’d still like to spice up their game a bit, there’s more than enough out there. From the amazing X Gon’ Give It To Ya mod, to the oddly sexy thong mod, to one that literally turns Mr. X into Thomas The Tank Engine (we kid you not), fans have been having quite a bit of fun with Resident Evil 2 so far and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.