New Slice Of Bulletstorm Gameplay

Woooo! Pretty colours!! Qore have been on the case and managed to grab Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski for a few minutes of Q and A on next year’s upcoming beacon of awesome-ness: Bulletstorm. Or as some *cough* are calling it ‘the dark horse of 2011…that takes steroids’. I could roll with that subtitle at this point in time, anyone else?

Anyhow, Qore did the good thing of letting Mr Bleszinski do lots of talking and got hold of some new gameplay footage you can drool over. They speak about the OTT arsenal of guns/handheld tanks but unfortunately we don’t get to peek at any new weapons. Maybe this is a good thing in the long run, because it keeps the whole title sweet and exciting for everyone till release. That being said I do really want to see what sort of madness the dev team has been cooking up these past few months.

You can check out previous posts on Bulletstorm for more footage and info. In the meantime though….I’m trying to refrain from falling hopelessly in love with that minigun….it just wouldn’t be natural…right?…right!?