New Version-Exclusive Pokemon Revealed For Pokemon Sun And Moon


Continuing the lead-up to the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon on Nintendo 3DS later this year, The Pokemon Company has released a new trailer for the two titles, this time detailing some of the version exclusives that Trainers will encounter on their travels.

As has been the case since the early days of Pokemon Red and Bluethese particular critters can only be found and caught in one, as opposed to both, games, so if you want to be among the first to complete your Pokedex in November, you’ll have to trade friends and other players to get the job done.

The Fighting-type Passimian is the first version exclusive to get screen time in the trailer, which confirms that it is only obtainable in Pokemon Sun and knows the Special Ability Receiver, allowing it to copy a partner character’s ability whenever it faints in battle.

Moon‘s alternative is Oranguru, an Orangutan-inspired Normal/Psychic type that has the new move Instruct, which allows the targeted Pokemon to use its last move instantly.

Two different evolutions for previous reveal Rockruff are also showcased. While both forms go under the name of Lycanroc, each looks vastly different depending on whether the canine evolves in Sun or Moon. Both versions are Rock-type.

Rounding out the rest of the trailer for a big bang finish are some new, all-powerful Z-Moves. Joining Raichu and Snorlax in that exclusive club are Pikachu and Eevee, who can learn the Z-Moves Catastropika and Extreme Evoboost, respectively. Both look spectacularly over the top, too.

Pokemon Sun and Moon release November 18 for 3DS and pre-ordering either game will net you a special promotional Munchlax and Snorlium Z stone.