NHL 15 Adds (Some) Missing Features Via Free Patch


EA Canada has released the first of its planned updates for the current-generation versions of NHL 15. As such, hockey-loving gamers will now be able to unlock a select amount of previously-missing features at no additional cost.

The most notable facet of today’s patch is a playoff mode, which allows players to create a sixteen-team bracket and compete for Lord Stanley’s coveted Cup. It’ll act as a tournament scenario, as one would expect, and will offer a welcomed diversion for those who want to skip season play altogether.

Additionally, Electronic Arts’ Burnaby-based team has also re-introduced three star selections into its game, in addition to coach feedback in Be a Pro. We’re still without the ability to skip teammates’ shifts, though, which I noted as being one of this iteration’s major flaws when I reviewed it earlier this month.

More updates are expected to be released for NHL 15 in the relatively near future, so stay tuned.

Source: Joystiq