Nintendo 3DS Live Event

Nintendo had a big event for the 3Ds this morning and announced all kinds of new info. First off the 3DS will release on March 27 in North America, it will also cost $249.99.  Of course the 3DS will let you play games in 3D without glasses but there have been some other features announced today. The 3DS will have a way to track your gameplay and give you coins to use in your games for it. It will also have Miis, Sound App, Web Browser, the ability to play 3D videos, and will have old games that you can download to it.

The 3DS will also have 30 games launched before E3. There will be all kinds of games launched for this system too like, Kingdom Hearts, Kid Icarus, and Resident Evil. As for online, each 3Ds will have the a friend code but it will be the same for all games. Also if you play online with someone who is on the same wi-fi it will automatically connect.

Please tell us if you plan to buy the NIntendo 3DS.