New Nintendo Direct Streaming Tomorrow Morning


It’s that time again. Nintendo has announced that tomorrow, via their official site, they will once again do a Nintendo Direct video stream. This latest video which the company has teased will provide updates on summer releases for both the 3DS and the Wii U and will go live at 7 A.M. PT/10 A.M. ET.

Previous Nintendo Directs have provided both new videos and information on already announced upcoming titles, along with completely new game announcements. February’s video brought the announcement of the “Year of Luigi” promotion, while last month provided the announcement of new installments in the Mario Golf and Mario Party series for the 3DS.

It should be said that those expecting a lot in the way of brand new game announcements this time around might want to temper their expectations, as Nintendo has confirmed that they will discuss Wii U titles “for fall and onward” in a separate Nintendo Direct sometime before the start of this year’s E3 expo. This likely means we will hear more about titles for both systems that have already been announced, such as Pikmin 3 or Game & Wario.

We have included a link to the page viewers will be able to stream Nintendo Direct from below. As always, we will keep you updated regarding any major announcements that come from the video.