Nintendo Jump Starts Mario Kart TV Website Ahead Of Mario Kart 8 Release


Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. Or, more appropriately, get ready to show them off, as Nintendo has officially launched the dedicated website for Mario Kart 8 that allows you to watch and share replays online.

The page, entitled Mario Kart TV, works in tandem with the game’s built-in replay editor and thereby gives players the opportunity to upload their finest moments straight to the website. What’s more, the company confirmed that the cloud-like storage system will be accessible through computers and mobile devices, too, meaning you can view leaderboards and the ilk on the go.

In terms of uploading the footage itself, users can share the videos through YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or the company’s in-house social network, Miiverse. Not only that, budding racers have the option to filter the Mario Kart 8 content by category, including Time Trail, Battle and the all-important Grand Prix.

And though users won’t be able to download the service in the form of an app for iOS or Android, Nintendo has since stated that the website for Mario Kart TV is inherently adaptive, meaning it’ll adjust its resolution and layout depending on the device it’s accessed on — be it through desktop, mobile or tablet.

During Nintendo’s financial call at the beginning of May, the company’s Saturo Iwata spoke about Mario Kart TV’s raison d’être:

“By logging into the service with an NNID, players will be able to easily find their rankings, videos that their friends have shared, and videos of tournaments in which they have participated.”

Mario Kart 8 will look to get the wheels in motion when it launches exclusively for Wii U tomorrow, May 30th. Until then though, be sure to whet your appetite on our own glowing review of the game.

Source: Nintendo