6 Big Questions We Have About The Nintendo Switch


We’ve waited for what’s seemed like an eternity and now we’ve finally got our answers about the Nintendo NX. Well, some of them anyway. The Nintendo Switch, as it’s been named, is the hybrid device we hoped it would be, a home console experience on the big screen that can be transformed into a slick mobile unit for handheld gaming on the go.

The console’s announcement trailer showcased The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild as well as third party support from popular publishers 2K and Bethesda, confirming both that Nintendo plans to target a wider audience with Switch, and that the console is powerful enough to run big open world titles such as Skyrim.


There’s more than just the hybrid aspect to its design as a USP though, with a local multiplayer functionality offered by its detachable controllers. The Switch’s two clampable control units can be used as individual controllers, and it also has a foldable stand that allows it to be conveniently mounted for stationary use. Speaking of controllers, the Switch features an elite-style controller, which will come as a relief to serious gamers who prefer a traditional analog experience.

Nintendo is hitting all the right buttons then, but before we all get too carried away singing their praises and proclaiming day one purchase, there’s still a host of big questions that we’d like answered….