Nintendo Trademarks Great Detective Pikachu

great detective pikachu

If a recent Nintendo trademark in Japan is anything to go on, The Big N might be working on a new Pokemon branded mystery game by the name of Great Detective Pikachu.

The information from the filing — which was first discovered by Amaebi — does not reveal what Nintendo intends to do with the Great Detective Pikachu trademark, but the name seems to fit perfectly with a recently outed 3DS detective game that The Pokemon Company is working on. Aside from its existence, the only thing we know about that game is that it is being made with some extremely unsettling Pikachu motion capture.

Assuming that Great Detective Pikachu and the unnamed 3DS title are in fact the same game, we can only speculate at this point as to its content. The first thing that pops in my mind — and this is mainly because I have recently been trying to clear L.A. Noire from my backlog — is a game where Pikachu is solving crimes, flipping over dead bodies, kicking down the doors of innocent men, and then nonchalantly telling little girls that their mother has been murdered before he questions them about what their father was doing the previous night. How does that sound?

We will keep our eyes open for any official word on Great Detective Pikachu and let you if, or when, anything is announced.