Nintendo Unveils Gorgeous Super Smash Bros. Themed 3DS; Meta Knight Joins In-Game Roster

Ahead of the game’s launch this fall, Nintendo has revealed a gorgeous limited edition 3DS XL which will be available in Europe when Super Smash Bros. launches on October 3rd.

The hardware, which is stylized in a crimson red and features the anticipated brawler’s roster emblazoned on the front, is currently available to pre-order for £209 and comes with a copy of the game pre-installed, so you can jump into Nintendo’s hyper-kinetic fighter from the get-go.

Speaking of Super Smash Bros.’ roster, Nintendo also announced a new playable character for the game: Kirby’s arch-nemisis, Meta Knight. Appearing for the second time in the series, the menacing paladin has been tweaked ahead of his appearance in the Big N’s upcoming fighter.

In fact, series creator Masahiro Sakurai, who introduced the latest addition to the game’s ever-growing roster, spoke about Meta Knight’s abilities in a recent blog post:

“Meta Knight’s Up Special Move, Shuttle Loop, changed quite a bit in this game. The glide is gone, and the attack slashes opponents twice while spinning in a large loop. This has turned into a highly technical and effective move.”

Super Smash Bros. is poised to launch for 3DS on October 3rd and although Nintendo is yet to confirm a release date for the Wii U version of the game, it’s understood that the brawler should appear on the home console before the year’s end.

In terms of the aforementioned 3DS XL, it’s unclear whether the limited edition bundle will arrive in North America, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as we learn more.

Source: Twitter