Nioh Patch Adds New Sub-Missions And Pause Option For Single-Player

A new patch has been recently released for Nioh that adds additional content as well as making adjustments to existing features. Update 1.06 includes new sub-missions for players to tackle during their stay in Sengoku Period Japan which, according to the notes, can only be undertaken once players have reached the “final part of the game.”

It’s not explicitly stated, but Team Ninja presumably means players must have reached the game’s final region – Omi – in order to gain access to the new challenges. New titles and Smithing Texts are also up for grabs in the additional missions, so there’s plenty of incentive to revisit the game if you’ve previously opted to sheathe your katana and enter retirement.

As for the main body of the patch notes, there’s a huge number of them that largely deal with balance changes and adjustments to weapon types and abilities, although there’s one big change that stands out among the crowd, so to speak. Post-patch, players are now able to pause the action mid-session by pressing the Options button on the PlayStation 4 controller, allowing you to take a break whenever you want without fear of having your inactive William ambushed and put in an early grave.

Given that Nioh successfully borrows several gameplay elements from From Software’s Dark Souls series and makes them its own, the inability to pause is one such carryover that perhaps shouldn’t have been, so it’s nice to see Team Ninja provide a fix. Do note, however, that if you’re in a co-op session with another player, you won’t be able to pause, for obvious reasons.

Nioh released on PlayStation 4 earlier this year to rave reviews and is well worth the price tag if you’re a fan of the genre. While not currently available, a future update to the title will add a PvP mode as well as new story content. See here for more details.