Nolan North Wants Marvel To Make Another Deadpool Video Game


Ryan Reynolds may be the man responsible for Deadpool finding untold fame and popularity following the release of 2016’s titular first film in the franchise, but the affable actor certainly isn’t the only household name to have played Marvel’s foul-mouthed antihero in recent times.

Nolan North, who most recently starred in Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers as Tony Stark/Iron Man, earned his own recognition for portraying the Merc with a Mouth in publisher Activision’s 2013 Deadpool game. While wholly unremarkable in terms of gameplay, critics heaped praise on North’s performance for perfectly encapsulating the mutant’s personality and it’s one that Reynolds himself would eventually take inspiration from for his role in the aforementioned film.

Speaking to in a recent interview, North recalled the moment when producer Craig Kyle relayed to him that the Canadian actor was a longtime fan of his, saying:

Craig Kyle, who was one of the producers, said that Ryan Reynolds was a long-time fan and actually praised what I did. He really liked it, and I know he played the video game one time with Jacksepticeye and he had some high praise for me, and I started DM’ing with Ryan on Twitter, telling him, ‘You’ve made me cooler to my kids than I’ve ever been,’ and he’s a fan!

So, in a world where one of Marvel’s most risqué, politically incorrect creations has proven to be a hit with moviegoers, does this mean that the comic book giant will perhaps be more receptive to the idea of a new game? We’ll have to wait and see, but at the very least, North has already registered his interest in such a project. “I’m trying to get Marvel to do another Deadpool video game,” he says, adding, “and we could have Ryan come on and do a cameo.”

A pipe dream, perhaps, but considering Wade Wilson’s alter ego recently made an appearance in Epic Games’ Fortnite, the company certainly isn’t averse to having the character appear in the medium, so never say never.

As for Deadpool 3, last we heard, the sequel was still coming together behind the scenes. See here for everything we know so far.