Get Nostalgic With This New Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition Trailer


The year was 2006, and every Xbox 360 owner in existence has just three simple words on their mind: Gears Of War. Epic Games’ now-legendary third-person shooter was on the brink of release, and the hype for it was reaching astronomical levels.

Helping to ramp up the excitement and expectations levels even higher was the release of perhaps the most memorable trailer of any video game ever. Gears Of War’s ‘Mad World’ trailer set the internet on fire when it rolled out the digital doors onto YouTube and TV screens – becoming instantly popular due to the titular choice of music, the direction and, well, lots of chainsaws and Locust.

Fast-forward nine years into 2015, and it’s happened again. The developer for Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition have just released a re-imagined version of that very same trailer – presumably in an attempt to remind fans of how brilliant it was almost a decade ago.

The new version has spliced together footage from the original game with newly-enhanced snippets of Ultimate’s cutscenes to show off the new and improved visual fidelity.

Take a look at the trailer above, but be warned – the nostalgia will be powerful.

Source: VideoGamer

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