Oddworld Dev Offers Status Update On Bringing New ’n’ Tasty To Other Platforms

oddworld: new 'n' tasty!

Oddworld Inhabitants have published a comprehensive update over on the studio’s official website that details the status of the still-to-be-released versions of Oddworld: New ’n’ Tasty.

Originally released back in July, the revamped version launched first on PlayStation 4 as a digital download, though Oddword long made clear of its desires to bring the re-release to other platforms. And so, while those versions are still lumbering in development at this time, the studio remain confident that New ’n’ Tasty will make its way to Xbox One et al. sooner rather than later.

Xbox One:

Development on the Xbox One version is still in its early stages. We envisage a relatively short window before the game is ready for release, however, and expect the game to feature the same great visual and gameplay standards seen on the PlayStation 4 version.

PlayStation 3, Vita:

Fitting the expansive worlds of Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty into the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita has proved to be something of a challenge. The relatively limited RAM available to us has meant we’re having to break down some of the huge scrolling areas seen in the PC and PS4 versions whilst ensuring we retain the same great gameplay.

In addition, many of the visual effects, lighting and animation are not currently at the fidelity level we’d be happy with, so there’s still some work to do in this area. We’re keen to have the PS3 version running smoothly at 720p and the PS Vita version at its native resolution, but this isn’t without some degree of difficulty.

Wii U:

Many of the optimizations currently being worked on for the PS3 and PS Vita versions will be used on the Wii U version, so we’re dependent on those being completed. There is also specific functionality in Unity that isn’t currently supported on Wii U. All in all, we have considerable work to do on this particular version.

PC, Mac & Linux:

We’re not quite finished with ensuring the game is fully optimised for all hardware, and have at least a couple of months left before release. We don’t currently have a recommended spec but we can confirm there are graphics setting sliders in the game, along with controller support and rebindable keys.

We may be looking to run a closed, private beta of the Steam release of New ‘n’ Tasty in the near future. We’ll have news on this soon.

Oddworld: New ’n’ Tasty launched back in July for PlayStation 4, and we loved our time with it, so we’re definitely looking forward to seeing it arrive on additional platforms in the near future.