Official Halo Tournament Canned Due To Ongoing Problems With Halo: The Master Chief Collection


Though it was due to take place over the weekend, developer 343 Industries was forced to cancel HCS Cup #1 — Halo Championship — due to ongoing connection problems within last year’s Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

The problems arose early on Friday, with the official Twitter account documenting the growing frustration among the franchise’s elite players who struggled to connect to an online match. As a result, the studio opted to cancel the eSports tournament’s conclusive battle, which was originally scheduled to be hosted on Sunday, April 26. Here’s a rundown of the tech problems as they unfolded.

Just when we thought Halo: The Master Chief Collection was finally beginning to turn a corner following the compilation’s disastrous launch, 343 and Microsoft are left red-faced once again. Since it launched back in November, both parties have been fast-tracking patch after patch in an attempt to quell the staggering amount of technical issues lurking within the Xbox One exclusive. And while the vast majority of kinks have been ironed out, Halo: MCC is clearly a ways away from the finished product that 343 and Microsoft had intended.

May will herald yet another content update for the shooter, with 343 confirming plans to introduce the ODST campaign as a goodwill gesture following the aforementioned technical hiccups. Said patch is still without a release date for now, but it’s understood that the studio will include the Relic multiplayer map as well.

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Source: Twitter