Official PlayStation Vita Trailer From E3

PS Vita

The thing from E3 that has me most excited so far is the PS Vita. Although it wasn’t exactly a new reveal, we did get a much better look at it and the device is looking pretty good. The official trailer was released last night and it does an admirable job of highlighting all the major features of the device as well as some of the titles that Sony is planning to release for it.

I’ve never been a big fan of handheld gaming but like I said, I’m liking what I see from the PS Vita. The version to get is the $299.99 one since it has 3G and while it’s a tad bit pricy, I think it could be worth it. Some of the titles lined up look pretty exciting (LittleBigPlanetModNation Racers Vita,Uncharted etc) and this may be one of the first handheld gaming devices I buy. I’m still waiting to see one in person before I make up my mind but I am considering a purchase.

If you’re still on the fence, take a look at the video below, may change you mind.